ExAttorney 411

Recycled attorneys?

Yep, that's right. Everyone on staff at ExAttorneys.com used to practice law and now we've recycled ourselves into something new and (we think) more useful. We were smart enough to graduate from law school, smart enough to pass the bar exam, and smart enough to know that we didn't want to hang out with other lawyers for the rest of our lives!

What the heck do you do?

Principally, we create high-quality content and other marketing collateral for businesses that need to present professional and unique material to clients.

We also provide legal consulting services to script writers and TV/film producers. We can't stand poorly written courtroom dramas and are happy to help bring realistic portrayals of attorneys to the viewing public!

In addition to our legal experience, we have served as marketing directors, freelance writers, content editors, bloggers, and consultants.


Honestly, because there's more to life than 60-hour work weeks in ivory towers. We hung up our business suits for beach attire, traded paralegals for pooches, and generally enjoy our lives.

Oh, and we're pretty darned great writers as well.