Writing, editing, and consulting services from recycled attorneys.

About Us

Our founding mother


Jennifer Anderson graduated from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law in 1999, with great distinction. For well over a decade, Jennifer practiced business litigation with an emphasis on intellectual property disputes. 

Several years ago, Jennifer challenged herself to do something she had wanted to do her whole life -- be a full-time writer. So, she hung out a virtual shingle and started landing freelance gigs!

Jennifer quickly found that there was a real need for content writers and editors with a professional background. Certain clients just need greater business sophistication than what is typically found in the online writer's market.

Jennifer now spends much of her time writing and editing for business clients who market their services to law firms. Not only is her content up to snuff, but she has the unique professional history that allows her to "talk the talk."

After years of taking depositions and interviewing witnesses, Jennifer became a skilled interviewer. These days, she deploys that talent to extract authentic, powerful stories from her ghostwriting clients. In fact, Jennifer has developed a proprietary method that fosters the close collaboration needed to efficiently and effectively get her clients' books down on paper.

Jennifer also has an executive marketing background, having served several years as Marketing & Sales Director for a nationally-distributed craft beer brand out of Oregon.

As a woman who has found success within law, the business world, and in building a fulfilling personal life away from work, Jennifer also provides coaching, consulting, and seminars aimed at helping other professionals find and foster their greatest life.

Really? More lawyers?


Technically, no. We're ex attorneys. We're the ones you actually want to have a beer with. We've decided that being creative and helping our clients is much better than fighting for a living and gouging our clients!

Our founder, Jennifer, was lucky enough to be mentored in business by an Oregon legend named Jack Joyce. Jack was also a lawyer. He attended the University of Oregon with a number of notable chaps, one of whom was a fellow by the name of Phil Knight (founder of Nike). Years after college, Jack ended up being one of the first executives with the infamous shoe company.

Jack used to tell stories about the early days at Nike. One of the things he used to say about Knight was that he had a habit of "hiring lawyers and making them into business people."

That is what Jack did for Jennifer. He hired her under the pretext of needing an in-house attorney for his craft brewery. When Jennifer showed up for her first day of work, however, she learned she was going to be the National Marketing & Sales Director. She had officially been recycled.

In that role, Jennifer got a virtual MBA in branding, content writing, marketing, and sales. That experience, combined with her legal background, is what allows ExAttorneys to succeed. We can create expert-level content and other marketing materials for pretty much any industry. And, if you're looking to create content for attorneys and law firms, you couldn't be in better hands.

Give me some advice...


Sorry, but we don't do legal advice. Again, we are ex lawyers and therefore do not have nifty tools like malpractice insurance.

Will we research complex legal issues and write an article about them for you? Sure, but only with the disclaimer that what we've written is very much not legal advice and should be reviewed by a current attorney.

Darn it, you caught us ... our lawyers made us say this.