Writing, editing, and consulting services from recycled attorneys.



Seriously, why aren't you practicing law anymore?

If you're asking this question, you're probably not a lawyer. Fun fact: 89.4% of lawyers under the age of 60 spend 53.2% of each day Googling "what to do with a law degree besides practicing law." You've probably been billed for some of that research.

It's not that we don't love the law, or research, or hard work. We just grew tired of the blow-hards, the wind-bags, and the "Go Call Saul's" of the world. We've chosen a less stressful life ... and we think it's a pretty darned good decision.

Can attorneys hire ExAttorneys?

Sure! We love writing briefs, legal memos, and business contracts. Moreover, we're highly experienced and probably cost a heck of a lot less per hour than your law school intern. 

Here's the hitch: we have no desire to be sanctioned by your state bar for "practicing law without a license." SO, if you want us to do legal work, it MUST be supervised by a fully-licensed member in good standing of the state where the work product is intended to be used. Whew! That was a mouthful.

We mean it, folks. If we're going to do legal work, we must be in direct contact with the supervising attorney and that person must have final control over anything we produce.

We also love doing non-legal work for attorneys. Need marketing content? We're well aware of the restrictions on attorney advertising and we'll work with you to make sure your content is intriguing, yet lawful. We're also happy to help with brochures, client development presentations, etc. You name it, we're here for you!

I'm not a lawyer but I've hired one ... will you work with my existing attorneys?

Of course we will! (See answer to the preceding question, however).

We often work hand-in-hand with attorneys who want to provide clients with a fast, efficient, and cost-effective method of getting tons of legal work done at truly affordable prices.

We're confident that once we speak with your attorneys, they will see the intrinsic value in our services.

Enough about attorneys! What else do you do?

We thought you'd never ask! We do all sorts of non-legal work.

For example, we have several business clients who cater to law firms. They have us write their monthly blogs, articles, websites, and white papers because they realize those pieces must meet a certain standard to appease their audience.

Other business clients have us research complicated facets of their industry and write all kinds of content for high-level marketing.

Still others have us work directly with magazines to create articles relevant to their industry.

We also perform precise editing of websites, blogs, articles, grant proposals, etc. We have created PowerPoint presentations, marketing plans, and branding strategies. 

Jennifer frequently serves as a ghostwriter and writing coach for those who have a book inside them, but can't seem to get it out on paper. She also consults with "wanna-be" freelance writers on how to get started in the industry.

Regardless of the project type, we like to create long-term relationships with our clients. Consequently, we always strive to provide top-quality work at truly affordable prices.

What's it cost?

Excellent question! We typically work with our clients to devise a pricing structure that works best for them.

Sometimes, we work on an hourly basis. None of our ExAttorneys currently charge more than $150/hour. 

Often, we work on a fixed-price basis. In that scenario, we work with our clients to negotiate a project price, and that is the final price, period. Ghostwriting fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, depending on several variables, including royalties, writing credit, etc.

Through the years, we've also had several clients fall in love with our services. They contract for a set number of hours from us each month for whatever they need to have done. Each month, they pay a fixed price and we give them their allotted hours for whatever.

What else?

Just because we have walked away from the practice of law doesn't mean we're not hard workers. We pride ourselves on meeting client deadlines, communicating often, and exceeding expectations. Give us a try. You won't regret it.